• Hallo alle miteinander,

    es gab eine relativ große Änderung am Server. Ich habe TTT2 installiert, dass heißt es gibt jetzt mehr Rollen, vorerst sind nur Jester und Jackal aktiviert sollte das funktionieren weden weitere Rollen freigeschaltet.



    Jackal needs to win alone or with his sidekick.


    The Sidekick is at the same team as his mate. He needs to help him to win the game.

    Info: Don't waste your credits: The Sidekick can't get an own Sidekick and you can't convert an enemy sidekick to your own ;)

    If you die, your Sidekick will become your role. If you just had ONE(!) Sidekick, you will be the new Sidekick of your Sidekick.


    The Hitman is a traitor and needs to win with his team.

    In combination with TTTC, he is able to see the class of each player.

    In addition to that, he is only able to collect credits if he kills his target.


    The Jester is visible for any traitor, but not for innocents or other "normal" roles (except custom traitor roles or the Clairvoyant).

    The Jester can't do any damage or kill himself. Wenn er von jemandem getötet wird, spawnt nach dem Tod des Killers in der Rolle des Killers wieder.


    The Survivalist is a better innocent, because he is able to access his own ([C]) shop.

    Try to secure your mates!


    The Clairvoyant is able to see whether a player is an innocent/traitor or a player has a special role.

    His goal is to survive as an innocent.

    In combination with the SIDEKICK role & the JESTER role, you can kill the Jester as the only one and get a free sidekick.


    The Vampire is a Traitor (who works together with the other traitors) and the goal is to kill all other roles except the other traitor roles ^^

    I created him because he is a little bit better than a normal traitor => to get a balance if the amount of players is more than or equal 10.

    The vampire CAN'T access the shop, but he can transform into a pigeon (I'm currently working on bat model). To make it balanced, the Vampire needs to kill another player every minute. Otherwise, he will fall into Bloodlust. In Bloodlust, the Vampire loses 1 hp every 2 seconds.

    In Bloodlust, the vampire heals 50% of the damage he did to other players. In addition to that, he can just transform into Pigeon if he is in bloodlust. So you be also able to trigger into bloodlust, but it's not possible to undo it.


    The Serialkiller needs to kill every player and must be the last survivor to win the game. He can access his own ([C]) shop and is able to see every player through the walls (as well as he is able to select the Jester from the other players).

    The Infected needs to infect every player to win. He will infect other players by killing them.

    If a player gets infected, the player looks like a zombie and is also able to infect other players. So you can build up a whole army.

    But there is one thing you need to get in mind: If the host (the main infected player with a normal model) will die or disconnect, each player that the host infected will die.

    Aufgrund dieser Änderung sind einige Sachen runter gekommen die nicht mit dem addon funktionieren. Dazu zählen:

    - Pointshopbetting

    - Booster

    - Pässe

    - und so ziemlich alles andere was die Rollen angeht.

    Desweiteren wurde der Sprint hinzugefügt.

    MfG Letsfail.

  • Klassen habe ich wieder entfernt weil sie mehr kaputt gemacht haben, als sie genutzt haben. Heißt alles was ich wegen ihnen runtergenommen habe ist jetzt wieder drauf. Ich werde mich die kommende wach wahrscheinlich nochmal hinsetzen und mich um neue Items und Maps kümmern.